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Crop it. It's got nice components, by focusing on a smaller area of the shot you'd highlight the colors and that's what really makes this interesting.

I love cropping. It's the next best thing if you didn't get what you were after in the initial composition.

What a fun idea!

I'm not sure what you're shooting with, your settings here, or what kind of post-processing you have access to?

First, I like the colors & subject. You might trying pulling this into photoshop or something similar, and seeing if there is a photo within the photo, or if you can crop it down and straighten the "horizon" a bit. I can see where you were going trying to avoid shooting head on, which can be boring, but the image is crooked.

Getting closer to subject, and focusing on a row of dishes instead of the entire shelf, or even trying crazy things, like laying down on the floor, aiming up or shooting from another unusual point of view also tends to lend interest.

Thanks for the great input! Excellent ideas and I will take them to heart! Cropping is always good. I haven't gotten into Photoshop yet -- but I should!

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